What's happening this month

This month is the launch of the new Microsoft Surface that will compete with the iPad - October 26th 2012. It brings with it some really interesting and handy features that the iPad is lacking, but will it get the popularity that the iPad has? Only time will tell. All in all, after reviewing the new Surface product, it sure is a great looking device.

You be the judge and take a look here

All we know is that Order247 will look great on this device!

Did you know....Your order is printed directly at the store automatically!

When you place your order with Order247, the order is delivered over the mobile network to the takeaway store and printed on our snazzy Order247 Printer boxes.

The system is SO SMART it delivers the order to the store within the minimum order time allocated to each store. When you receive your ACCEPTED email from Order247, this is when the store is received your order and starting to get it ready for you.

What's so great about the printed order for the takeaway store you ask?

It's EXACTLY how you ordered it!

  • No mistakes
  • Correct Price
  • The store knows if you have paid or not
  • Don't have to try calling on the phone a few times to get through

And most importantly - It's the best way for the Takeaway Business to receive your order. It allows staff to serve you better and have your order ready at your pickup time!

Special Offer

We still have some $10 credits to give away for anyone who shares the Order247 facebook page on your timeline and registers with Order247. This applies to existing customers and new customers! Hurry and don't miss out!

To share our facebook page, go to: http://www.facebook.com/order247 and share the Order247 facebook page or the Order247 $10 Credit giveaway post on your timeline.

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Give it a go, you won't be disappointed!

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