Welcome to the first Order247 Newsletter

It's been a great few months trialing Order247 with our valued local businesses. We've had some great feedback on how we can improve the system and we look forward to more businesses coming online soon.

Don't forget to suggest a business to us that you'd like to see with Order247 and we'll make every possible effort to get them onboard.

Did you know..... You can Pre-order?

What makes Order247 so special is that you can pre-order your takeaway or coffee up to a week in advance. We are one of the only sites in Australia that allows you to do this!!

Do you pickup your coffee at 7am each day before the working day starts? Or is Friday night your night for takeaway? Setup an order ahead of time. When you place your order, you can select a date and time of when you'd like to pick up this order. Before your order is ready to be collected, you'll receive a Confirmation email from the business stating if your order has been accepted or rejected.

Order247 iPhone App is almost here

The iPhone app is done! We are now waiting on approval through the App Store process. If you would like to be a valued tester for us and start ordering now through the new iPhone App, send us an email and we will set you up.

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Give it a go, you won't be disappointed!

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